23 Year Old Woman And Ex Student Facing Trial For Fighting Against ISIS

Meet Joanna Palani, she’s a 23-year-old former university student who is currently on trial. She is also facing a $1 million bounty put on her head by ISIS.

Joanna is facing punishment from Copenhagen City Court. According to them, she violated Denmark’s ‘foreign fighter’ rule, which aims to stop Danes who fight alongside terror groups. She is being tried under that same law, although she was fighting against the jihadis and not alongside.

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Joanne was born in a refugee camp in the Gulf War and was granted asylum in Denmark as a child.

Via: thesun

In 2014, Joanne left school and decided to take on the Muslim extremists in Syria and Iraq. She left Denmark to fight, but since she left during a 12-month ban on leaving the nation, she ended up being imprisoned instead.