Famous Brand Logos That Have Changed Dramatically Over Time

The world is constantly changing and so do we. To keep up with the trends of the world, brands too have to keep bring new stuff to themselves, revamping, to stay ahead of the curve. This doesn’t only apply to how the company operates, but also how they portray themselves to their target audience. To make sure their multi-billion dollar company is always up to date and in style, they keep evolving in every aspect, which also includes their logos. Take a look at these famous logos for example. Observe how they were in the beginning and how much they have changed now. Do you remember seeing them change over time?

BURGER KING THEN AND NOW. I want that cute king back.

Founded in 1954

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Founded in 1998

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Founded in 1932

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INSTAGRAM THEN AND NOW. Umm, still like the old one better.

Founded in 2010

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Famous Brand Logos That Have Changed Dramatically Over Time

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