Are All The Fashion Trends Of The 90s Coming Back?

Every time we get into a romantic mood and re-watch a chick flick from the 90s, we wonder how cool it was to wear those crop tops and high waistejeans. The TV show Friends and the dressing of both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox gave us a details glimpse of how that era was like and it will be exciting to have it back:

1. The crop top is coming back in fashion which means that all the lazy people out there need to start going to the gym or start some abs exercises. 

2. Although this exact colour of denim might not be coming back, but high waist jeans mean that you can flaunt your curves now. 

We are the generation of the Kardashians so the curves will stay in fashion for a while.

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3. Ripped jeans never left the trends. They were considered cool in the 1990s. 20 years later, they are just as much cool and relevant. 

4. Summers are officially that time of the wear when the lesser you wear, the cooler you feel. Denim shorts are cool again!