These Fathers Are Winning At Fatherhood

Having a child is a beautiful experience. There is no doubt that all fathers love their little bundles of joy immensely. Yet, every now and then it gets a little tough to handle everything. Nonetheless, having kids is wonderful, their surprises, their adorableness, it’s magical for most people.

Being a dad is not easy, and to have four little girls is one roller coaster ride, that to every single moment of your life.

But, some dads are so good at parenting that they find humor in all kinds of situations. If you have ever followed Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, you must have come across some of the most amusing things he has to say about his daughter and his relationship with her.

Another dad, James Breakwell, also Tweets about his very entertaining conversation with his daughters.

Here a few tweets from both these dads with an excellent sense of humor.

Starting with Ryan Reynolds

When he showed us that the truth is always a little harsh. 

When he was honest about the gross side of parenting

When he had his priorities set

When he was too realistic

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When he started teaching some serious life lessons to his daughter

When he got so emotional, he wanted to write a book

When he wrote the most realistic nursery rhymes



These Fathers Are Winning At Fatherhood

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