Features On Ordinary Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose

Things are produced with a lot of thought process. Nothing on them in unnecessarily put. Most of them leave us confused as to what their purpose is. From not knowing the right way of using a bobby pin to the purpose of rivets on your jeans, everything is there for a reason. We dig in a bit about it and brought little facts.

1. Ever wondered about the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle? It has a purpose. It relieves the pressure while you cork the bottle. Indents of champagne bottles are larger. 

Via: wallpaperfolder.com

2. The tiny hole at the back of your iPhone is a microphone. 

Via: 9to5mac.com

3. If you have ever wondered why there are hooks at the end of your charger, the answer is, that it made to make the wrapping easier. 

Via: gizmodo.com

4. We women, having been using the bobby pins the wrong all along, the flat side is supposed to be on the upper side. 

Via: makeupandbeauty.com

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5. The hole in your pan’s handle is not only to hang it but also to leave the spatula hanging for convenience. 

Via: thechive.com

6. If you look at the fuel gauge of your car more carefully you’ll notice a tiny feature. The arrow points in the direction of the oil hatch in the car. 

Via: 92moose.fm

7. The rivets on your jeans are not just there without a purpose. They serve the purpose of adding extra toughness where people tend to rip their jeans off by scraping. 

Via: answersafrica.com/

8. The plastic part of the earring stopper is supposed to make it easier for you to wear heavy jewelry. 

Via: aliexpress.com

So now you know exactly why there is a hole at the back of your iPhone or on the handle of your sauce pan. Makes life easier, no?



Features On Ordinary Things You Never Knew Had A Purpose