Female Celebrities Who Aren’t Shy To Show Themselves Without Makeup

When you talk about how beautiful some celebrities are, most people will argue that it is not natural beauty but only the magic of makeup. Some celebrities decided to fight that stereotype and show the world their bare skin.

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Here are some photographs that are the description of the phrase bold and beautiful:

1. While everybody focused on shipping the two together in this post, very few noticed how flawless Jennifer Lopez looks without makeup. 

Her skin gorgeously glows!

Harlee and Nava #shadesofblue #askjlo @ginoanthonypesi

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2. Amanda Seyfried isn’t shy of eating out without makeup. She even put up this photo on Instagram along with this absolutely adorable dog!

"And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep."

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3. Liv Tyler is like most of us when it comes to being nerdy and fan-girlish. 

However, I wouldn’t upload a photo of myself without my BB cream and concealer. She is definitely braver!

Totally nerdy morrissey hoody fan selfie !!! #morrissey @madisonsquaregarden #nowmyheartisfull thank you !!!!!

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Female Celebrities Who Aren’t Shy To Show Themselves Without Makeup

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