Two Female Cosplayers Got Married With A Little Twist Involved!

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For fandoms, it is a dream to see their favorite characters being portrayed properly. It hardly happens that the movies or seasons adaptions are good enough and it most often breaks our heart. From book adaptions like Harry Potter to comic adaptions like The Flash. As a result, people choose to cosplay because they think they can be better at the makeup and the character adaptions. A couple of two such cosplayers decided to get married.

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We were a little sad because such amazing cosplayers didn’t bring up their costumes on the wedding but wait till you read the reason for it. It will completely warm your heart. Check out the amazing photos:

Via Facebook: N8e

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You cannot be amazing cosplayers without ever trying to be a part of the magical world of Harry Potter. These two beautiful ladies were always brilliant – every time they wore those costumes together.


However, on their gorgeous wedding, they chose to ditch the costumes and dress up as your typical brides in white gowns. However, nothing about them was typical. They looked breathtaking!

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Two Female Cosplayers Got Married With A Little Twist Involved!

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