Pedophilia Network Uncovered in Australia

An Australian woman claimed that she was sold off to “VIP pedophile ring” for sex. The group which allegedly also had a former Australian Prime Minister. Fiona Barnett told the Australian media that she was trafficked at Parliamentary house in Canberra to “pedophile parties” when she was five.

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She shared the horrors of her life, she said that she was sexually abused by elitist people of high ranks, like politicians, members of Judiciary and police.

“My experiences were horrific beyond words.  But the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences,” Fiona stated.

Ms Bernett reported that the ring is still very much active. She also requested the now Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull to take notice of this make children’s safety an utmost priority.

She said that initially she was fearful but then she thought that she had nothing to lose and went ahead with her decision of speaking out.

Via: Crazzfiles

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Australian Capital Territory Police said, “Matter was thoroughly investigated by ACT Policing’s Operation Attest and there was no evidence to substantiate the complainant’s allegations.”

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Fiona gave out the names of the people who she claims raped, assaulted, and abused her.

– Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);

– Dr. John Gittinger (Lithuanian Nazi concentration camp guard and CIA agent);

– Former US President Richard Nixon;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;

– Former Australian Opposition Leader Kim Beazley;

– Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;

– US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;

– Ted Turner (CNN).

Fiona has drawn a number of pictures to show her life in the ring.

Via: Pedophiles down under



Pedophilia Network Uncovered in Australia

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