Watching Football Is Going To Be Even More Fun With This New Gadget.

Technology is changing in how we see things, even a football match.

For every die hard fan of football, there is nothing better than being actually there and watching their favorite team play.  And of course to share the joy and sadness together with all the other fans. The passion and excitement are entirely different from what we experience in front of our TVs.

The coming weekend, the greatest echelons of communications BT and EE are going to bring a huge change to how you watch matches on your small screen.

We live in the times of technological advancements and almost all of us know virtual reality and 360 degrees filming. And we see those virtual reality goggles at least in the television commercials a lot of times.


Here is the good news for football fans: Football is the next to get 360 treatment.

Yes! You read it right.

The match between Chelsea and Arsenal that is due this weekend will be the first ever match to be filmed through virtual reality cameras. It is promised to be the truest life coverage ever done.

The coolest part is that you can decide where you want to sit in the ground. You could either stand on the pitch-side or in the stands.


Technology still astounds us regardless of how far we have come as a human civilization. Doesn’t it?

Gone would be the days when only 60,000 people could be live spectators of a match.

As of yet, you can’t have this luxury in your own living places. For now, you could head to one of the four EE stores this weekend, and have the best experience as a football fan. You could visit the EE store in Oxford Street, Westfield Stratford, Tottenham Court Road, and Marble Arch. So go and put on the headset and find for yourself what the uproar about.

Soon, you could quite possibly be in your bedroom watching a match live.

Now, how cool is that?




Watching Football Is Going To Be Even More Fun With This New Gadget.