Let’s face it. Most of us are pretty sick of humans these days. With all the competition that people indulge in, all the unasked for advices that we get and all the interference that is around us, we get pretty sick of things. So these people came up with the brightest idea ever. Instead of inviting humans, they offered Llamas! Yes, you read this right! Llamas on a wedding! Check out these adorable photos:

1. Look at how happily this couple is posing with the llamas and look at how cute they are!

2. Look at how they walk in with style at a wedding! Definitely a huge fan of them!

The available llamas include Rojo, Smokey, Diego and Jean-Pierre.

3. This groom invited the llamas on their wedding as a surprise and the reaction of the bride is just priceless!

4. Do not miss the pretty llama bride with her veil!

I am in love!

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