French Law Makes It Illegal To Contact Employees After Work Hours

France is set to pass a new law giving workers the right to disconnect from their employer outside of their contracted hours. This step is being taken in a bid to ease pressure and give a more healthy life balance to the workers outside of their work place. Under this law, employees will be able to ignore telephone calls and emails from their employers during weekends and afternoon to help them have a social life outside their office and they can spend more time with friends and family. The companies too have a responsibility to make sure the employees do not come under pressure to respond to work related emails after their working hours.

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France is known for their extremely just and fair employee related laws. It already operates a very strict 35 hour working week policy. Employees are also given a right to six weeks paid holiday as well as sick leaves and striking rights. The Labour Minister of France, Myriam El Khomri is working out on the final details of the new employment legislation. It will come into force within weeks.

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Via: dailymail

Bruno Mettling was the main person behind this notion and majorly advertised the idea as well. He is the director general of mobile giant Orange. He said: ‘There are risks that need to be anticipated and one of the biggest risks is the balance of a private life and professional life behind this permanent connectivity.

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French Law Makes It Illegal To Contact Employees After Work Hours

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