Hilarious Posts By Chrissy Teigen Which Every Mom Can Relate To

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‘Being a mom is hard. But being a celebrity mom is harder.’ That is what you have heard, right? But what if we tell you that even though being a celebrity mom looks like a whole new ball game, it is quite similar to being a regular mom. Because the only thing different is the spotlight that one of them gets. And we are sure you must be wondering how can we say all this. Well, it is actually Chrissy Teigen who is saying this. Because according to her Tweets and Instagram posts, her experience of being a mom is very similar to every other mother in the world. Therefore we brought some hilarious and relatable posts by Chrissy Teigan who is definitely slaying motherhood at it’s finest.

When she was being funny about childbirth.

And realized that she was not told about the most important thing of all.

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When she couldn’t resist all the negativity from people who couldn’t believe she went through IVF.

And somehow finally realized that grandmothers are the best baby sitters.



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Hilarious Posts By Chrissy Teigen Which Every Mom Can Relate To

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