Funny Long-term Relationship Comics That Are Extremely Relatable!

We are all in different types of relationships. However, all long-term relationships have one thing in common – the grown love and comfort that allows us acting crazy in the company of our partner.

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Here are some comics on long-term relationships that will definitely make you chuckle:

1. When relationships are still in their honeymoon phase, there are a lot of adorable and sexy things that happen.

Later on, things change a little.

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2. You always feel cold around that one person because their clothes always smell of them.

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3. I don’t understand the capacity these men have to tell lies.

Either it is that or they actually love our pre-makeup faces very much.

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4. Since I have spent my energy and time on this, I want you to notice it and then appreciate it.

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Funny Long-term Relationship Comics That Are Extremely Relatable!

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