Hysterical Tweets About Dads Which Will Crack You Up

Being a father is not an easy job at all. There is so much that you have to take care of and so many responsibilities to attend to. Earning money and providing security are some of the basics but we are talking about the big stuff here. We are talking about having the duty of adjusting the thermostat of the house and then guarding it too. Having the right to make jokes which only they find funny. Acting like the coolest person in town, unaware of their kid’s embarrassment. These are the things which really matter. These are the most important things. And there is no force on Earth which can do all that a dad does. Because no matter what, you just cannot match him when it comes to his duties and responsibilities.

So we compiled a few tweets today that sum up fatherhood in the funniest of ways. And we are sure that these will put a smile on your face and remind you of your dad one way or another.

Yes, dad knows how to make space for everyone.

They just cannot miss an opportunity to be cool.

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This is a question every dad out there will have.

There is nothing worse for him than someone touching the thermostat.



Rabbiya Abid

Pre-medical student who is madly in love with photography, writing and doodling along with staying in her room inside her own happy introverted bubble.

Hysterical Tweets About Dads Which Will Crack You Up

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