Hilarious Dorm Room Signs Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

College is that phase of life which everyone remembers forever. No matter where you end up and what you do, all those memories which you made in college always stay with you. Bunking classes, late night talk sessions, running away from teachers and of course, all those funny dorm room signs which always made you crack up. Don’t you remember the signs? Well, if these hilarious notes were not on all those dorm room doors of your college then you seriously missed out on loads of laughing fits because these always crack one up. So we compiled some of the best dorm room signs for you in case you missed them back in your time at college.

Because nothing is more important that health awareness

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Nothing scares a human being more than the realization of having responsibilities

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Because there can’t be a better costume

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This guy has a clever sense of humor

This sign was on my dorms bathroom door… Made me giggle from funny

When you don’t want anyone to visit you. Ever

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Hilarious Dorm Room Signs Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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