The Funny Yet Real Impact Of Technology on Cats

Technology has affected all of us.

While people continue to debate on whether the impact is good or bad, here is a rather funny impact of technology on the life of felines.

1. TVs used to be warm and huge. 

With LEDs, LCDs and Smart TVs, these poor little cats have nowhere to rest their lazy existence.

Via: BrightSide

2. Cats have no clue about personal space and that is a fact. 

However, their way of evading it has changed greatly!

Via: Flickr

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3. There were times when they relied on heaters to keep them warm, but they have switched to chargers for the purpose now.

Via: Flickr

4. Everyone who has a cat will know for sure that if you don’t hide your earphones, you might not see them ever again – at least in one piece!

Via: Business Insider



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The Funny Yet Real Impact Of Technology on Cats

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