Funny Tweets About Technology That Will Make You Feel Really Old

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Technology may have made communication WAY, WAY easier than it ever was before but it has also played an enormous role in creating barriers too when it comes to understanding. Ever felt how you could just text anyone across the world in a matter of seconds yet feel that relationships over texts and calls are so, NOT RIGHT? As if, you’re so much better when you’re face to face and not on a call? Technology is weird like that, you don’t know whether to love it or hate it. Times have changed, and if you have kids, you’ll understand how much difference there is with you growing up with technology and your kids growing up with it. A common example being how once we used some particular slang which you can definitely not use right now, especially with your kids around because it would qualify as NOT COOL. Take a look below at these hilarious tweets which will take you down the memory lane on a very ordinary Wednesday night.

Hello Selena Gomez

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Okay, seriously, why do we still say ‘hang up’?

Well, most of all adults are still struggling with that

The laptop’s not a touch screen!!



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Funny Tweets About Technology That Will Make You Feel Really Old

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