10 Future Gadgets That Are Too Cool That You Wish You Could Get Them Sooner

We live in a world where technology rules. We have gadgets so advanced that we have the world at just a tap of our fingers. Gone are the days that we were proud of communicating via telephones and not letters, in today’s world we have a far better technology to communicate. And it is stupid to believe that that’s the end, that we have achieved the best we could. Human beings will go on to make big technological advancements.

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Here are some of the gadgets that are super cool and you would want one for yourself too.

1. Protect 486 Scooter Armor

Designer, Marc Graells Ballve, claims that the design of these scooter armor is inspired from armadillos. This “protect 486” is supposed to save you from thefts, vandals, and rain.

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2. Silicone Swimming Fingers

These webbed gloves help swimmer improve swimming technique, catch waves faster, and increase resistance.

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3. Wearable Ring Phones

The design studio has this idea of a phone where you wear two rings, one in your thumb, one on your little finger and when you have to take a call just make a standard ‘talking on the phone’ gesture and talk.

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10 Future Gadgets That Are Too Cool That You Wish You Could Get Them Sooner

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