Gender Queer: 10 Year Old Leo Confesses About Being A Non-Binary Kid

Living in a world where you are misjudged, misunderstood and mistreated is enormously difficult and torturous by all means, but overcoming your inferiority always gives you an upper hand above everyone. That’s simply courageous and anyone who disregards the fact doesn’t really know what in-store is this little word. Despite of knowing the outcome, ‘to accept what you are and who you are’ is not the thing anyone can do so profoundly.

Gender Queer- which is when the sex of an individual is not confirmed, it’s a name given to people whose sex expression doesn’t fit inside the sexual orientation paired. The name may similarly be used by individuals wishing to recognize as falling outside of the sex twofold without being any more specific about the identity of their sex.  Yes, it exists! Just because we don’t really seriously talk about the subject publicly or on media doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist and people around us are suffering from maltreatment and obnoxious attitude by the society towards them. Many have suffered loss of their families and friends.

Now we have come a long way, admitting this fact was by all intent and purpose incredible years prior but today we are here talking about it openly. Leo, of just 10 recently admitted that he’s lived his life as a girl but in these 10 years he’s realized that he doesn’t want to be one because he considers himself to be a boy instead. The kid is a non-binary case and he himself has narrated his life story saying that:

“I’m not a boy.

I thought I was a boy, since I’m not by any means a girl. We attempted that for a bit, and I thought:

“No, this is wrong.”

At that point we did some examination and we found the word is sex non-binary… what’s more, it truly works, it’s the way I am.

I am not quite aware what age I was at the point when I recognized that I wasn’t feeling right.

At first I told my teacher. I got truly exasperated on the grounds that why none of the girls got boy’s parts in a play that we were doing. It could just sense that something really fishy was going on around me.”

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Leo told that because he couldn’t really figure out what he wanted or how was he feeling he decided to tell his mother and to Leo’s surprise his mother seemed to know everything about his frustration already so he didn’t have to work hard there. All he knew was one thing that no matter what happens ahead, he is going to stick to what he feels and how is it going to be pursued.

It seemed that he already knew there won’t be an easy answer to his query so he chose to not fall at any point.

He said: “When I’m more established, I’m going to settle on that choice once more, rather than simply staying with “he”. There isn’t a body of the two sexual orientations. I simply wish there was some route in the center. When I grow up it will be harder for me to say I’m not a girl. I don’t need individuals to relate me with some sexual orientation. In any case, I know they will, I don’t think there is any method to get away from that. I’m feeling more satisfied than some time recently. I’m feeling significantly more tension free and I’m feeling ready to discuss it without being all modest. Neither I want people to acknowledge me nor I want them to understand me. I simply want them not to be rude towards anyone like me out there”

In many cases, people are fortunate enough to be born with a proper sexual orientation in alignment and it is absolutely normal but for Leo it is not and never was, thus he had to do what he did to make it just fine!

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Gender Queer: 10 Year Old Leo Confesses About Being A Non-Binary Kid