Hilarious Comics That Show What’s It Really Like To Be A Girl!

When you are born, you are said to be the most beautiful blessing to your parents. Then, you are taken home, raised by your parents knowing that you will be their ‘Perfect little girl’.

Many radical approaches hit a girl’s life, BUT that’s life! You look up to yourself every day with a new girl challenge. But you know what a girl is always worth, the struggle she does every day. A girl’s life is surrounded by nagging feelings along with continuous mood swings.

But a woman’s life can be described in a nutshell. Here’s what we have for you:

1# Being a girl is tough! It’s not just because as a girl, I bleed 5 days a month and my mood is regulated by my hormones. I have felt so since the day I was born.

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2# The moment in a girl’s life when she gets expression-less!

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3# Oh! Them Lonely Days! Staying in your PJs, romancing a glass of wine! Bingo.That’s how a single girl rules her Valentine’s Day!

What’s better than overcoming Mid-February blues with a glass of wine.

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4# Oops! The Daily hair style problems are never ever ending in a girl’s life!

We can all relate to the true meaning of a bad hair day!

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Hilarious Comics That Show What’s It Really Like To Be A Girl!

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