Every 90s Girl Had A Pair Of These Shoes While Growing Up

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Every decade comes with fashion trends that last for quite a while. However, all the girls who grew up in the 90s know that those were some of the best years to be a growing child or a teenager. We found these pair of shoes that almost each and every one of us had when we were growing up.

Check out these bad babies:

1. These Steve Madden slip-ons used to make so much noise while you would walk in them but they were definitely our favorites with all those high cut pants. 

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2. These were undoubtedly my favorite mesh slippers while I was growing up.

I had white, green and pink!

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3. These Sugar Floaties were so much fun to wear. It was like walking on a very squishy carpet!

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4. These bad boys were such a fashion statement! However, they ended up making your feet extremely sweaty!

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Every 90s Girl Had A Pair Of These Shoes While Growing Up

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