Gollum J. Trump Wants To Make America Precious Again

This election season has given us nothing but disappointment in the name of Donald Trump. He has incited political violence on innumerable accounts and is a pathological liar, misogynist, xenophobic, as well as a racist.

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For somebody with such reputation, it is quite natural for all people to associate him with the worst of villains of the fantasy world.

Previously when somebody compared him with Voldemort of the famous series, Harry Potter, the writer of the series herself had to say something in the defense of the poor Voldemort.

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But this one Twitter account has garnered everybody’s attention because there is no way that this magical fantasy comparison is fair.

A Twitter account had Gollum’s face photoshopped on Trump’s body, Lo and behold! You have the most villainous villain ever!

Whoever this Smeagol enthusiast is, they know their stuff pretty well. Well, they are simply a genius.

The content is so apt, we doubt if that Smeagol himself yet believes what is happening is reality. Who cares? We enjoy the humor.

Whoever this is, they are so imaginative that they even come up with their own thematic label for Smeagol’s arch nemesis, Hillbo.

Perfectly merging the Lord of the rings fantasy with all the election scene, Gollum J. Trump is here to make you feel better. A little ray of sunshine in the dark.

Grab them by the precious!

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Gollum J. Trump Wants To Make America Precious Again

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