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Couples do all sorts of stuff, grocery shopping (where you buy all the stuff you don’t need), random shopping (trying on dresses you can’t afford), skipping laundry because you’re just lazy, making dumb excuses to not have to see any friends sometimes etc etc. But that’s just the normal stuff. What about the really gross stuff every couple does and doesn’t admit? You know, secret, GROSS stuff! Like peeing and having a conversation, checking boogers, having a farting competition, squeezing blackheads and so, using each other’s tooth brush? Stuff like that happens, everybody does it, but they won’t admit it to you. Check these illustrations out below that shed some light on the gross side of relationships. It’s okay, we’re not judging you if you’re saving these to show your significant other what you just discovered as soon as you get home.

Checking whether or not the the other one smells.

Love is strange, even if they smell bad, they smell good to you.

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And making sure there’s nothing in their nose.

Telling them they have a bogey is not awkward at all.

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Searching each other’s bodies for spots, blackheads, or ingrown hairs.

You might even squeeze them if you’re really gross.

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