16 Times This Guy And His Dog Gave You Major Fashion Goals

The Internet is going crazy about Topher Brophy and his dog, Rosenberg who are taking men’s AND dog’s fashion to a whole new level. (Take notes guys)

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Topher’s Instagram account has recently gained massive attention due to the absolutely comical photos Topher has been posting in matching outfits styled like a father and son.

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Wait till you hear the heart-warming story of what brought Topher and his ‘son’ Rosenberg together.

Of the countless lessons @rosenbergthedog has taught me, one of the most pivotal has been to embrace my primitive instincts and animal nature. As Homo sapiens sapiens, our large brains offer many advantages, but they can also litter us with anxiety & existential angst, taking us away from living in the present moment. By seeing the world though his eyes, I have learned to live more in the present, which has been an enormous improvement in the quality of my life.📸by @thedogstyler #staypresent #present #animal #wolves #wildlife #prey #hunter #dog #fierce #realwolfdog #portrait #prey #instinct #hunter #outdoors #outdoorlife #adventure #mountain #wilderness #extreme #natgeo #feral #bigcat #arcticwolf #wild #adventuredog

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Two years ago, Topher was going through a difficult time in life. He was struggling with addiction, unable to form emotional connections and felt empty inside. It was only when Topher had decided to adopt Rosenberg that his life turned around for the better.



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16 Times This Guy And His Dog Gave You Major Fashion Goals

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