What Happens When Guys Try To Recreate Girl Photos

Every time you log into Instagram, you’re bound to see a massive number of girl pictures in almost the same, everyday poses. Mirror selfies, beach selfies, manicured hand pictures, hair against the wind pictures and the list goes on and on. Girls really work for that perfect picture they can put up. Here are a few guys who decided to recreate some of these pictures you see every day and the results were ridiculously hilarious. And girls, you’re going to get super jealous and envious when you see these recreations because most of these pictures are taken better than the original ones or any of us could take.

Check out our compilation at 9hive and these lighthearted impersonations are going to make you smile regardless of whether you’re a guy or girl.

I said YES! Look at that gorgeous diamond.

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Squad goals ..

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Pre/post workout mirror selfie is a must! or Do these pants make my butt look fat?

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Byebye winters, summers got us like ..

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The correct way to ‘netflix and chill’ ..

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What Happens When Guys Try To Recreate Girl Photos

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