Guys Tries To Poke Fun At Woman Lifting Weights, Gets Roasted Instead

I’ll never be able to understand people who try to bring down those striving to be better every day, working hard on themselves daily and are motivated enough to bring change in themselves. This is exactly what happened when a very insensitive man tried to gym-shame a woman lifting weights at a local gym. He posted a video showing the woman straddled across a barbell trying to pull a Jefferson squat.

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Like it’s not enough for women in gym to get stared at, receiving unwanted comments and glares, this guy thought it would be ‘funny’ to publicly shame this woman who was just minding her own business. The woman was trying to do a Jefferson squat which technically wasn’t going too well for her but instead of helping out the lady, this man thought it was a better idea to publicly shame her and poke fun at her technique.

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This is how a Jefferson squat is supposed to look like:

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He might have thought himself of being the cool guy by posting the video captioned ’Tf (what the f***) she doing’ but some social media users were not having it and turned on the man for being insensitive. And unsurprisingly, people were quick to voice their opinions.

Via: distractify

Via: distractify

Via: distractify



Guys Tries To Poke Fun At Woman Lifting Weights, Gets Roasted Instead

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