If You Are A Big Harry Potter Fan, I Dare You Not To Laugh At These Memes!

Harry Potter has the most prominent place among the popular fictional characters of the century. Being a Potterhead does not just make you a part of a fandom, it makes you a part of something that binds you and your childhood together.

Here are some memes that will make you all laugh – whether you are a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin:

Can you imagine Elvis to be the part of the name of the One Who Must Not be Named?

Well, in French translations, in does.

Also, wand = baguette in French.

Via: bogdanseyebrows.tumblr.com

Every time I watch the movie, it bothers me to see how many Hogwarts letters had piled up on the floor but Harry Potter only wanted the one flying in the air.

Via: casisinlovewithdean.tumblr.com

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We all know the feels we got when Snape talked about Lily before his death.

Imagine if Snape had married Lily.

Harry Severus Snape.

Via: diagon-alli.tumblr.com

We all had a love-hate relationship with Draco, but this is a new side to him!

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If You Are A Big Harry Potter Fan, I Dare You Not To Laugh At These Memes!

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