Harsh Realities That Will Make You Grow You As A Person

They say that whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you a lot more stronger. There are some harsh realities out there which will make you feel more differently and mature as a person once you face them.

Here they are:

1.If someone does not talk to you, it is not because they are too busy, but it is because they do not want to take out time for you.

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2. No matter who the person is, they will always think about themselves first and anyone else later. 

Learn to take a stand for yourself and learn to say ‘no’ clearly when required.

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3. If you ever try to make everyone happy, you might end up making a fool out of yourself.

Everyone in this world cannot agree to the same thing, and when you successfully make one person happy, you will have displeased ten others.

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Rida Mehtab

A chemical engineering major, but a confessional poetry enthusiast. My obsessions are simple: food, Manchester United, my cat, Sylvia Plath and my curiosity. (not necessarily in that order)

Harsh Realities That Will Make You Grow You As A Person

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