10 Healthy Steps Every Woman Should Follow After Having Intercourse

We tend to lie back in bed once we are done with the action as it is natural to relax and enjoy the moment a bit longer. However studies show that this might not be the most suited action and may result in Urinary tract infection (UTI) and other harmful consequences.

During sex ¬†our body undergoes multiple variations and experiences tremendous amount of exertions or as coined by the two most renowned sex therapist Masters and Johnson our body passes through “sexual-response cycle”.

Therefore ladies we strongly recommend you to follow this post sex routine not just to enhance the pleasures of your sex life but also to benefit from a painless and healthy after sex experience.

1. Re-Fuel With A Sip Of Water.

During sex we go through rigorous physical exercise  and consume a lot of energy. Therefore sometimes we might feel dryness in mouth or vagina during sex resulting from dehydration. So it is highly recommended that you take small sips of water soon after you are done to re-fuel your body with the much needed water it has lost.

2. Take a trip to bathroom for pee.

Vagina is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria as it is both warm and moist and usually after penetrative sex it ends up there. Therefore you must pee after almost half an hour of having sex as it will help you wash away these bacteria.

3. Wipe Your Vagina Thoroughly With Non-Smelly Soap.

Hygiene is the foremost factor and should never be ignored under any circumstances. After  intercourse take a wash cloth pour some water on it along with non-fragmented soap and clean your lady parts thoroughly. This will prevent the development of yeast which is significantly high in woman using the sexual lubricants.

4. Soak In The Bath Tub.

A dip in a warm bath tub preferably with some extra virgin oil in it will calm your body and also moist your outer vagina preventing any irritation which might otherwise result from dryness. It also protects your from infections and vaginal swelling which some woman experience post sex.

5.Blow Dry Your Vagina After Cleaning.

Most of the women blow dry vagina after sex as it is very effective to prevent you from any infections. Keep the settings on cold air and use it on the area very carefully. Don’t overdo it and make sure that you inner vagina stays moist.

6. Eat Food That Is Rich In Probiotics.

The meal you take after sex is very important. You may be tempted to have some fast food or chocolate for that matter but we advise you to take some fermented food  like yogurt as it helps to restore good bacteria and prevents and yeast infections.

7. Avoid Sexy Lingerie.

Nylon and Polyester lingerie increase your chances to get infection as the growth of germs is significantly high in non breathable fabrics. We advice you not to wear anything but you can opt for cotton underwear, just make sure any moisture doesn’t get trapped inside your clothes.

8. Note The Discomforts During Sex.


Sex can be unpleasant or painful occasionally. You must take a note of it when this happens. There can be multiple reasons for it like you might be dry down there or your partner might me penetrating hard to get more pleasure out of it. However if this happens more often you must visit a doctor and get checked.

9. Talk To Your Partner.

Share the experience with your partner. Tell him what you liked the most. This is the best time to enhance intimacy with your partner and build upon your sexual boning for a prosperous relationship ahead.

10. Hit The Mental Rewind Button.

While you relax after sex try to visualize the whole action from start till end. This will help you strengthen the bond with your partner and also improve your participation in future.