Here’s How You Can Carry Metallic Dresses And Accessories To Standout

Via: thefashionspot

Use of Metallic elements in the everyday attire has lessened over the time.

What we don’t understand is that we are missing out on the amazing look these shiny metallic materials bring with them. When it is added with neutral colors, the overall look becomes glamorous.

Following are some tricks and ideas to keep the metallic fashion from fading away. These ideas will surely help you all in staying rad.

1. Shoes:

Via: Gemglam
Via: Gemglam

As we all know metallic colors go with every attire. Most often people choose metallic accessories like necklaces or earrings with their dresses but what they forget about is an even stylish edge. Metallic shoes can give you the extra oomph that makes you look trendy. They can be chosen according to your skin color i.e dark colored people must try golden shoes while light colored must go for silver ones. With neutral color clothes, these shoes just look amazing.

2. Jewelry:

Image: Gemglam
Via: Gemglam

There are many people who are fond of wearing metallic jewelry but their main mistake is that they wear big necklaces along with earrings. Here’s a tip, DO NOT overdo it. Either choose a necklace or earrings; avoid wearing both at the same time. Whenever you opt to wear heavy jewelry like this, apply dark makeup with it. While with bright colored dresses. DO NOT wear metallic jewelry, it will ruin the entire look.


3. Outfits with metallic elements:


Image: Fashionpasion
Via: Fashionpasion

Here are pictures of some dresses you must try with metallic elements in them. Blend in the neutral colors and you’d look extraordinary.


4. Looks with metallic accessories:

Image: Brightside
Via: Brightside


You can always try metallic gadgets to go with your outfit. Use of silver belts, bags, jewelry, shoes, etc, can do a lot to improve someone’s entire look.


5. Makeup:

Image: Viralcreek
Via: Viralcreek

Makeup plays an important role too. You can refine your appearance by applying gold or silver color lipstick. If you feel it’s too much, you may switch it with a metallic gloss to look stunning. At the same time, using metallic eye shade can also work wonders.

6. Manicure and pedicure:

Image: Pintrest
Via: Pintrest

It’s not necessary to use metallic nail polishes. One can get a french manicure and get the same effect. You can also choose matte nail polish to bring out a beautiful look.


7. Hair color:


Image: thefashionspot
Via: thefashionspot


This is a tip for courageous people. All those who are not afraid of taking risks can apply metallic hair color. It catches everyone’s attention and makes you look ravishing.


Time To Go Metallic!



Here’s How You Can Carry Metallic Dresses And Accessories To Standout