11 Hilarious Bonus Questions You Wish Your Teacher Had Given You

Everybody hates tests and exams, some of us have even written something smart ass below at the end of the paper to impress the teacher and get some bonus marks. But lets not forget, our teachers are WAY more smarter and cooler than any of us combined. Also, they have the ‘been there, done that’ thing over us which is why we can’t really win when it’s students vs teachers.

Have you ever gotten bonus questions? If not, you’re going to wish you had these super cool teachers who gave such entertaining bonus questions, you’re going to absolutely love them! Take a look below and pick your favorite one. Teachers, please take notes! Students, pray for such teachers next semester!

First person to read this, stand up proudly on your chair, and yell at the top of your lungs, ‘Oh Captain, My Captain!’ will receive a 95% on this exam. 

I wonder how many poor students actually did that and what the class really looked like at that moment.

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And the heartbreak that might have followed when they found the real extra credit question below only worth 2 points!

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Yesterday during my lecture I quickly mentioned that only a pink pen will save you tomorrow. Draw a stick figure below in that pink pen.

No pink pen, but that stick figure and the ‘SHIT’ bubble deserves at least 2 points. Also, please pay attention to your teacher and ALWAYS keep a pink pen handy.

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Guy: Do you like Bon Jovi?

Girl: No thanks, I don’t eat Italian Food.

Is it just me or did this kid really get 2 extra points?

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11 Hilarious Bonus Questions You Wish Your Teacher Had Given You

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