These Facebook Users Are Totally Killing It Out There

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Facebook is the most popular social networking website of all time and Facebook users are very, well, diverse and different from each other, unlike twitter users, Instagram users and etc, mainly because billions use it every day. Maybe it’s because of that all sorts of people go there and you will always find the most random and awkward posts in your news feed but that’s just part of Facebook’s charm, you get to spend time with people you’d never ever hang out with in real life. Right?

However, we guarantee, you have not seen any of these HILARIOUS Facebook posts that we’ve collected for you. They’re perfect and you’ll have to put down your phone to have a good laugh at these. These Facebook users are killing it, and it’s hard to believe they’re around us. You never know, it may be the person sitting next to you right now. Check these out below and enjoy!

I’m thinking of cheating on you with Red Bull. She knows how to treat me right.

Red Bull might claim to give you wings but who’s gonna catch you when you fall? Us, that’s who.

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Okay, seriously, what just happened? CREEP.

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Who else is with this person who loves working out? *raises hand*

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These Facebook Users Are Totally Killing It Out There

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