17 Hilarious Farewell Cakes To Give To Your Co-workers On Their Last Day

Saying goodbye is always hard, especially when you say farewell to one of your work buddies because God don’t you hate them for leaving you behind. If you’re going to be saying goodbye to any of your co-workers soon, here’s the best way to say it. It’s going to be mean and hilarious at the same time. What better way to express your feelings than a super mean custom cake?

Here’s our collection of the best 17 farewell cakes for you to pick from for the next farewell party ..

But why would you want to leave us?

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Denial mode on. We love the “Carl, Y U NO STAY HERE 4-EVER?”

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Unfortunately, that is the truth. Too much truth for the cake to handle.

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Congratulations Travis.  Did you mean: Congratulations TRAITOR!

(Google really does know it all)

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Very straightforward!

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17 Hilarious Farewell Cakes To Give To Your Co-workers On Their Last Day

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