These Husband Tweets Of 2016 Are Incredibly Hilarious And Perfect

If there’s something we all agree upon, it’s that marriage is not easy at all, and it definitely won’t work out as it should if both parties don’t cooperate and help each other, it’s just like everything else in life, in order for things to go smoothly everyone needs to help. These husband tweets we collected for you are absolutely hilarious and even if you’ve never been married before you’ll get a good laugh from them and may secretly even be glad you’re not. Trust us, these husbands are totally killing it at marriage and you’re going to love these crazy, CARELESS, but funny souls. God knows what their wives are going through.

152 Commandments for the house. God must be shaking His head ..

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There was a terrible accident .. Whatever you asked, did not happen the way it should have.

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Nope. Not sharing these cheese and crackers even though, i love you.

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Honestly, I was just getting up. But since you’re doing it, although I feel really bad, keep doing.

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