18 Times These Hilarious Husbands Totally Outsmarted Their Wives

It is a known fact that housework can be very tiring. It is equivalent to a full day job. With no days off, it is natural for women to ask their husbands for help.

However, these super cool husbands totally outsmarted their wives and here is how:

This husband redefined the life goals of a blanket.

Just don’t fold it.

Via: Reddit

This one thought that the purpose of grocery was to find items on sale, and guess what was on sale?

Via: Reddit

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Good children just never got in the line of action.

I wish my dad had done this more when my mother wasn’t around.

Via: Reddit

This husband took ‘put the spaghetti on the stove’ direction way too seriously.

I wish this woman had posted her reaction as well.

Via: @wendyrollins on Twitter



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18 Times These Hilarious Husbands Totally Outsmarted Their Wives

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