These Hilarious Photos Compare Our Ordinary Lives With Kylie Jenner’s

How many times have you replayed Kylie’s Snapchat or stalked her endlessly on Instagram, jealous of all the stuff she owns and does? I bet that’s all you did these holidays, drool. Don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat and man are we in a STORM. Here are some photos that hilariously show the HUGE difference between our lives and Kylie Jenner’s life. From fast food trips, to really cool gadgets, music fests, movie nights at home, swapping stuff with siblings, splurging, giving presents, ALMOST EVERYTHING. Take a look below, you might want to take out that ice-cream tub you’ve saved in the freezer for comfort.

Fast Food Runs For Kylie Jenner

Via Instagram: Kylie

Fast Food Runs For Ordinary People

Via: twitter

Music Festivals For Kylie Jenner

Via Instagram: Kylie

Music Festivals For Ordinary People

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Working Out For Kylie Jenner

Via Instagram: Kylie

Working Out For Ordinary People