This Drunk Guy Was The Target Of A Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Source: postize

Photoshop battles are the best. A lot of things happen across the internet that go so crazy viral, there’s no running away. One of those things is an awesome Photoshop battle, this is where everyone shows off their best Photoshops and you can’t even decide the winner, it gets so crazy and out of hand.

This image that horrifically shows the British drinking culture, got the edits it deserves. It shows a poor man hanging from a fence in his boxers, suffering a ‘power-wedgie’. This drunk guy just made his way into the most hilarious memes ever on the internet. It’s clear that the man in this image has made many mistakes, one of which was to buy industrial strength underpants. Let’s just hope he’ll be okay once the inevitable hangover wears off. Check the crazy edits below.

This is the original photo.  PsBattle: Drunk man power-wedgied on a fence.

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Thor: The DRUNK World. I bet you never saw this poster before.

Game of Wedgies will be trending soon!

Mother cat protecting her little one and taking her to safety! ADORABLE!