18 Hilarious Snapchat Fails That Are Too Painful

Life is so unfair sometimes. No, scratch that. Life is unfair most of the times. We fail at the most natural things, not just us but our predecessors used to too. But our predecessors took their embarrassing secrets to their graves, whereas we can share them with the world on multiple social media websites.

We live in the times where most of our life is shared via social media, our friends and family get know small and big news about our lives as we share them on our Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot. Doing so also allows us to vent out the frustration on the small miseries of life.

Here are some of the hilarious Snapchat fails that would sure bring a smile on your face.

1. Taking what’s his.

Via: Imgur

2. One bad thing after another

fail 2
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3. Grandma’s are always there to scold

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4. Not so happy birthday

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5. There’s a fire starting in my machine.

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18 Hilarious Snapchat Fails That Are Too Painful

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