Total SmartAss Students Who Wrote The Most Hilarious Test Answers

All of us have been at that nerve wrecking and desperate point in the exam room where we had no clue what to write in the exam. Some of us pretended to think for an hour or so and then gave up, left the sheet blank and walked out accepting our defeat. However, some of us take the other road, they use their brains and get creative with the answers. And MANY times, that may have landed them some extra points too. Here are some kids who knew the perfect way to answer questions they had no answers to. Maybe all of us could learn a thing or two from them. Take a look at these creative answers these awesome kids came up with.

P.s You might get laughing fits.

Napoleon died in his last battle. Well, that’s just new.

When the ninja threatened the professor ..

Via: guff

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Why couldn’t Alice see anything on the prepared slide on her microscope?

Relationship between Socrates and Philosophy couldn’t be ‘drawn’ any better ..