This Guy Hilariously Tweeted What It’s Like To Move In With Your Girlfriend

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Via: postize

Usually bachelors have a way of doing things that would be considered awfully weird to the typical woman. In the same way, most things women do are really confusing and weird to men too. Like decorative pillows and other similar stuff that makes absolutely no sense.

Twitter user, Arthur Dayne, humorously tweeted to publicly share the details of his experiences when he started living together with his girlfriend. He hilariously shares the transition and what it’s like to live with your significant other which has attracted so much attention because at some point everybody can relate to their relationships too and have a good laugh at the same time.

From the beginning to the very end, every single one of these tweets is worth reading. Have a look at them below and nod your head in agreement while you do so.

Everybody knows you can’t get into bed with your ‘outside’ clothes.

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Too scared to look her in the eye.

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The one about the decorative towels Arthur wasn’t allowed to use ..

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