15 Things Hilariously Renamed By Twitter’s #WhatIdiotCalled Trend

Ever wondered who named certain things? You probably say, “this should have been named ..” all the time. In fact, sometimes you go ahead and name stuff yourself and prefer calling it instead of the old original not so perfect name picked by some idiot. Maybe you would prefer joint custody over possession of marijuana. Or maybe you’ve thought of calling Alexander Graham bell, Lord of the rings? Oh and how about copy’right’ instead of plagiarism?

Here’s something similar, there’s a joke round trending on twitter “what idiot called it ..” and we decided to share the most amusing ones with you and start your weekend with a good laugh.

Car repair or auto-correct?

I’m taking my car for the auto-correct.

Via: buzzfeed

Why can’t we just call it the tanning bread?

My tanning bread is broke guys.

Hey, I bought a new tanning bread!

Via: postize

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Boater-cycles make so much more sense. Jet skis on the other hand? Eh, no!

Via: buzzfeed

The space heater has set ..

The cat is lying under the space heater ..

Via: postize



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15 Things Hilariously Renamed By Twitter’s #WhatIdiotCalled Trend

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