These Small Towns Have The Most Hilarious Welcome Sign Boards

The size of a small town does not affect the people in any way at all. Their town may be the size of your college, but their superior sense of humor is something that makes them stand out from the rest. Gone are the days when you would visit a small town and all you would see is a welcome to our town board. You see a lot more today. Check it out:

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1. When someone new is entering your town, you must inform them of the kind of people that you are.

There is no better explanation than dam good 161 people!

2. Some towns are really famous because of war so how about a famous town where the battle wasn’t held?

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3. A pun about the name of the town is compulsory – especially if the name of the town is something like Gravity!

4. While this town is boasting how they have more solar panels than people, we appreciate the population division they did.

5 crabs? Wow!



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These Small Towns Have The Most Hilarious Welcome Sign Boards

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