Horrible Blackhead Snake Pulled Out Of A Man’s Face

Do you know what blackhead snakes are?  They are disgusting looking small snakes that are usually 20 cm in length, they usually have brown bodies with distinctive blackheads (hence, their name). Now they’re weird enough as they are but what if they were lodged inside someone’s face?  This man had one stuck on his upper lip area, and then his acquaintance actually squeezed and pulled it out of his face…… on video.

The video below actually shows the gruesome process of his acquaintance pulling out the snake out from his upper lip area.

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As the blackhead is pulled out from the area, a thin, yellow substance like pus begins to unfold from the cloaked blackhead. It continues coming out in a snake like form. The camera is placed in a perfect position not missing out a second of nauseating process.  His friend holds out the pus in hand as he looks upon in amazement.

Via: providr

Popping blackheads can turn out to be scarring for the skin and can actually make things worse.

Blackheads are usually formed due to an excess of sebum produced at the base of hair, which is why the blackhead on this man’s face was hidden underneath his mustache. They tend to grow in fatty or greasy areas of the face. Hormonal changes that take place in our body are most likely to cause these, particularly at the puberty stage and are considered a mild form of acne. Blackheads are also known as comedones.



Horrible Blackhead Snake Pulled Out Of A Man’s Face