Hilariously Relatable Posts For Anyone Who Is Horrible At Flirting

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Flirting is an art. Yes, it is. And only the luckiest of all have the ability to be able to flirt very subtly and swiftly without making a huge mess out of it. Like we said, it’s very rare to find someone who has the skills and tips to sweep someone off their feet but just their words. And then there are people who try to flirt, but end up making the other person run away. You all know who you are. And we know that you try your best, but it just doesn’t work. And there’s no shame in it. But the world has a way to turn everything into something which is funny. Yes, that’s right, so we have some jokes for you which you will find relatable if you are horrible at flirting. Oh and these are hilarious.

Summing it all up in five words. It gets as simple as this


Those moments when you remember that one time someone flirted with you a long time ago


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There are moments when you flirt for food rather than other things

If you are interested in them, ask them about their dog. Always ask them about their dog



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Hilariously Relatable Posts For Anyone Who Is Horrible At Flirting

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