What On Earth Were IKEA Thinking When They Came Up With These?

IKEA has made lives so much easier with their furniture and easily available necessities. It is amazing that you will find everything that you need under one roof. However, sometimes, they come up with such crazy things that you can only laugh at them and not understand why they did something like this. Here are some of such things that you need to see.

1. IKEA took Game of Thrones a little too seriously but I am sure that the TV show never revolved around a toilet seat as the throne. 

2. They literally wanted to be laughed at.

Via: Imgur

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3. Either they don’t get inappropriate jokes or they put them around intentionally for a few laughs at their wit. 

Via: Imgur

4. Do not expect a $1 cinnamon roll to be huge, okay?

Via: Imgur