13 Crazy And Impractical Japanese Inventions Nobody Needs

Source: 9gag

via: 9gag

Japan has always stood out of the crowd with their unique customs, traditions, inventions .. basically everything. But this time what we’re bringing you is a bit crazy and useless on their part.

Chingodu is the Japanese art of inventing gadgets to solve an everyday problem which may seem useful but actually they’re very absurd and useless to be honest.. Translated literally, ‘Chindogu’ means valuable or priceless tool. Trust us, you would probably look awfully silly using them out in public. Take a look at them below and have a good laugh.

This is for soup that is too hot for you or chopsticks that are probably too light .. At least that’s our guess.

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This is how you collect rainwater for later use. Or making sure walking in the rain becomes more difficult that it already is.

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Here’s how you spread butter easily on toast. Oh and you can also use it as a balm.

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13 Crazy And Impractical Japanese Inventions Nobody Needs

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