10 Incredible Locations You Can Move To For A New Life

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There are often times when you are so sick of everything that you just wanna pack your bags forever, and move.

Here are some incredible places where you can move to which won’t cost you a lot of money:

1. Avarua 

With a small population of 5445 people, you can easily find an apartment to rent for over 60 years. You cannot buy property but it is a very peaceful and beautiful town.

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2. Český Krumlov

Located in Czech Republic, this town is home to the Český Krumlov castle. It is a cheap region with cobblestone roads, but you cannot survive here without learning Czech.

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3. Koh Thonsáy

It is a Cambodian Island with a total area of 2-kilometer square. It is very cheap but you should only go here if you are okay with wilderness.

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4. Guanajuato

It is present right at the center of Mexico, and is a rather cheap city to live in. Nonetheless, it is rich in culture and is also host to the Cervantino Art Festival.

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10 Incredible Locations You Can Move To For A New Life

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