International Standards Ensure Positive Change

“International Standards ensure positive change” is a proverb as obvious as any universal truth. As with each tick of the clock, man paces towards another level of development, with his eye upon a destiny beyond the sky, his way of life progresses towards modernity. In this accelerated age of immense contention, one is compelled to be a slave of luxuries. These comfortable and short-cut ways of man have brought this globe to this era of ready-made. Manufacturing industries labor round the clock to entertain requirements and weaknesses of this advanced generation of Adam. Besides these contemporary needs, one is dependent on respective suppliers for each of his natural needs like food and shelter. For the tiniest need like brushing teeth to a need as gigantic as removal of a body organ, one has an infinite number of choices. An interminable list of producers pledges their consumers’ nourishment of body, mind, and soul. One is caught up in such a web of glorious choices that he is unable to put his finger on the best among them. He cannot rely on a colorful packet, a smart product name or an enchanting advertisement promising “increase in height” or “instant fairness”. Nor can one have faith in “We ensure your child’s bright future” for something as crucial as education, the only horse riding whom a man can cross the border between him and a better social status. Whom can he then rely on? Who is to judge the best of that entire who oath to be trustworthy? Who is to draw a line between excellence and worse? One thus looks at an organization to have compassion for him. An organization that builds up a scale and evaluates quality standards. An organization that has an eye wider than a layman to examine compositions and strategies and access merits and demerits is this hour’s necessity. ISO is a blessing for today’s man living a life of hustle and bustle. ISO’s determination of International standards has given birth to a life more worth living.


Building standards guarantee consequences that are highly positive and can bring remarkable distinction in the life of people, revolutionizing individual interests and that of the society or even the whole galaxy at large. The purification of air around from the pollution causing hygienic issues for bodies and causing unhealthy minds is above all. Vehicles thus must be under control to fight the giant of pollution. When ISO focusing on this factor, makes a merit that vehicles causing less pollution qualify, it takes a huge step towards the cleanliness of the environment. It lowers the chances of pollution-borne diseases, prevents our ozone from being damaged and adds to the life of lush green plants that are the beauty of our beloved earth. Similarly, such vehicles that consume less of petrol or diesel are ranked higher than those consuming more. So that, people know buying what will benefit them more and what company is more trustworthy. Making of this international standard is thus in people’s interest in both health and economical manner.

One of the most delicate of matters is that of food. We have an innumerable variety of eatables available in the market. Since food is what we live on and what gives us energy to move and work, standards for food are more essential than those for everything else. Fruits, vegetables, fresh and packed milk, cooked and uncooked goods, frozen items and all other eatables must come up to a marked height of quality for the safety of life and health of the consumer. A consumer himself can test only taste of food and freshness to some extent, knowing only what pleases his tongue, unaware of what ingredients have actually been used and if it fulfills his daily nutritious or not. International standards for food safeguard a consumer’s health. They ensure him what he’s eating is providing him a sufficient amount of calories and is by no mean harmful for him. ISO verification satisfies the consumer. He can then trust an eatable with his eyes closed and enjoy endless flavors and healthy food without a doubt disturbing him. This positive change remains incomplete without international standards for agriculture. To evaluate a fruit, vegetable or grain, analysts need to go down to the deepest depth until they reach the seeds it is born from. The pesticides used must not be harmful to health of both human beings and animals who feed on a particular yield of a crop. A farmer should have followed the necessary process of growth and harvest. From planting till the final product of any eatable, international stands can turn health issues upside down, giving birth to an air of reliability for people. “A healthy body processes a healthy mind” is an undeniable fact. This positive change brought by recognition of international standards in a country results in smart and active citizens with a capability to work for its prosperity.


International standards for medicines promise their efficiency and harmlessness. If drugs are ISO certified, they help to raise trust and hope in the hearts of poor consumers, bringing a change that is a blessing. Similarly, standards for toothpaste, soaps and beauty products save consumers from using something that can be dangerous. Standards for everything dealing with human health and sensitivity ease their worry regarding adverse effects and give them eternal confidence.

One spends plenty of money on buying electronics that can ease his life. International standards for technology save’s one from financial loss from buying what doesn’t come up to the mark of quality. International standards for toy safety reassure parents that the product is safe for their little child who is yet unable to sense and judge.

Where a good book is a man’s best friend, the most sincere and the most helping, a bad book with a filthy or unnecessary subject can be a disaster for the whole society, polluting the mind of its reader and indulging him in wasteful, unproductive and impractical thoughts. Meanwhile, a book’s attribute is to be checked to draw out what age group it must entertain. These standards also play a vital role when building up an education system. Quality education is the mother of bright future of a nation. A curriculum designed to reach an international standard enable students to walk with the fast moving world and develops compatibility among students worldwide to keep them up to mark and share their precious ideas. International standards are extremely important when it comes to TV programs. If there is a standard for what content meets ethical standards of a society, the society can be protected from monstrous vices.

Making distinguished standards bring positive changes not only for consumers but for producers too. It challenges business and forces companies to fasten their creative sense and sets them in a marathon of the best quality, thus adding to the industrial development, increasing productivity and making life easier. They also open up the gateway to international trade bringing huge economic profit. They also act as a guideline for the government of a state in designing regulations.

We conclude that international standards ensure positive change in whatever field of life they are applied, playing a vital role in creating a relationship of trust between producer and consumer by holding producer’s hand and showing him the way to the hearts of consumers and by acting as consumer’s ambassador and help them pick up what’s right and good for them and by being sincere towards their environment and socio-economical issues. They are key to safety, reliability, and optimism.



Asma Tariq

EDITOR IN CHIEF, Author, Poet, Playwright, Lyricist, Winner of Quaid-e-Azam Standards Award by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) in English Essay Writing.

International Standards Ensure Positive Change