Beautiful Iraqi Couple Ties The Knot At A Refugee Camp

Love has and always will be more powerful than hate. Here’s a proof of how love will always find its way even in the most barren of the lands. On Thursday, 16th February, a couple from Mosul tied the knot at a camp for displaced people near the Kurdish city of Erbil. They both can be seen wearing beautiful and traditional Kurdish costumes. The bride and the groom were then driven in a car beautifully decorated with red ribbons from Kalek town west of Erbil. This is the same place where the bride had her hair done. The newly wed couple then went to the al-Khazer camp where the groom had moved with his family in order to escape the violence and bloodshed in his hometown. The 25-year old Hussein Jerjis and 16-year old Shahad Ahmed Abed had gotten engaged four months prior to their wedding. They could not get married in Mosul because the man’s family home in Mosul had been unfortunately destroyed. Jerjis and his parents left Mosul nearly two months ago and resettled at Al- Khazer camp in hopes of a better, safer life. However, Abed’s parents were unable to attend the wedding of their daughter as they did not want to leave their house and settle in the camp. Her parents had agreed to allow their daughter to accompany her fiance ten days ago and stay with his family until the wedding. Both Jerjis and Abed are from the eastern side of the Mosul, which was liberated by the Iraqi army over a month ago.