8 Reasons Why Italians Are the Coolest People on Earth

Italy is Europe’s cultural hub with its gloriously interesting and yet at times voraciously barbaric history that dates back to thousands of years. Its citizens are carefree pleasure-seekers and yet the most creative artists and intellectuals of the world belonged here. Following are the 8 reasons why Italians are the coolest people on earth.

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1. They Speak a Beautiful Language

Italian is the most delicate lingo and its expressions are melodies, matching the exquisite lifestyle and souls of the people. Hearing simple little words is a delight. In fact, there are various Italian phrases that do not translate into English. Culaccino means “a mark left on a table by a cold jar” and Gattara refers to an old woman who looks after stray cats. How impressively detailed is the diction!

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2. They Eat and Drink the Finest

Italy gave us pizza, pasta and a variety of cheese, that alone is a strong enough reason to crown Italians the gods of joyfulness. Without their inventiveness and experimentation with their cuisine, the world would have been such a boring place.

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8 Reasons Why Italians Are the Coolest People on Earth

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